21 December 2010

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard BIOS Problems

I've read complaints that Logitech's Y-UY95 illuminated keyboard won't work before Windows boots up (therefore you cannot access the BIOS), and that it might make the computer hang for 0.5 - 3 mins or so during boot. (link, link, link, link)

But with my Acer Aspire, it actually prevents the computer from booting at all. (Well, it might be a 3-minute freeze only. But I need my computer to boot up in an instant if there's an emergency, so...) If I plug it in after booting, it works fine. As similar problems seem to affect many different computers, I think it must be an issue with the keyboard. I've contacted Logitech and am waiting for their reply.

Update: In their reply, as I expected, Logitech suggested that my BIOS was too old to support the wireless illuminated keyboard. The problem is, I tried to use the wired one. Waiting for another reply.

Update2: We didn't get any nearer to the solution, even after receiving some advice about how to make my mouse work. I'm returning the keyboard.