Display the full value of a tensor in Tensorflow / Keras

I have been working on visualizing the internals of a neural network. While the Keras FAQ suggests building partial models to achieve this, and this post suggests setting up functions to evaluate a layer, I was tempted to look into the backend's and TensorFlow's Print function to display the values of a tensor during the actual computation, as this creates an actual node in the computational graph, and prints the values as the model is used.

In the first iteration I used a Lambda layer to wrap keras.backend.print_tensor, but the output was truncated to 3 values from the tensor. I proceeded to dig deeper: tf.keras.backend.print_tensor is defined here; it uses tf.Print, which, according to the documentation has a summarize parameter one cannot set through keras. So I started using tf.Print directly, but it was still unclear what the parameter meant.

tf.Print is defined in logging_ops.py, and, as this post explains, gen_logging_ops is generated from ops/logging_ops.cc, but where is the actual source? Finally, after further digging, I found it in tensorflow/core/kernels/logging_ops.cc.

Apparently, it uses SummarizeValue() to truncate the output, which is defined in core/framework/tensor.cc. Looking at the code all we seem to need to do is to pass an integer larger than or equal to the size of the tensor. Also, form the code it is apparent that the values are written to STDERR. The code I used was therefore

layer = keras.layers.Lambda((lambda x: tf.Print(x, [x], message=message, first_n=-1, summarize=1024)), name=name)(layer)

Later, this could be extended to use the number of elements in x as the summarize parameter, perhaps through tf.size.


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